Packing for Curaçao

You bought your ticket to Curaçao, booked your stay and got our Curaçao pick-&-go. Now the only thing left to do is pack your bags and leave for your long awaited holiday? Packing can be stressful and that is one stress we can’t physically take away from you. But we can definitely help you and give you tips for packing for Curaçao to make it much easier!

Curaçao is a tropical island and the weather is on average 30 degrees Celsius the whole year around. It doesn’t get cold and even the evenings are warm. Make sure you pack for the sun, heat and beach, but also for a fun evening out.

  1. Have a digital copy of your passport and other travel documents. This also includes driver’s license, airline tickets, boarding passes, and our Curaçao itinerary. Just in case you lose any of your travel documents, you still have them on your phone. If you take any medications it’s also handy to pack a copy of the prescriptions or doctors explanation.
  2. Roll your clothes when packing for Curaçao to save space and prevent wrinkling. Pack comfortable clothing for warm weather. Plenty of shorts, t-shirts and summer dresses. Ladies: bring at least one or two nice dresses for the evenings. Men: slacks and polo shirts or a casual short-sleeved shirt should do it for the evenings.
  3. Flip-flops, sandals, casual tennis shoes and one pair of sneaker for if you’re doing a hike is all that you need to pack for your holiday. Water shoes are recommended for If you have sensitive feet, but you mostly won’t need them with the sandy beaches on the island.
  4. Bring a change of clothing with you in a carry-on or bagpack that you have with you on the plane. You can change into more comfortable clothes when you arrive. It definitely helps you get used to the heat immediately.
  5. Bugspray! More bugspray! And more bugspray! Sometimes it seems that those mosquitoes can smell when someone is not local!
  6. Bring plenty of sunscreen! We really can’t stress this enough, you will get sunburned quite easily on the island (even if you’re not at the beach). Wear sunscreen and/or a hat for your everyday activities as well. An aftersun can also comes in handy to use after a full day in the sun.
  7. Pack more than one swimsuit. You’ll probably have consecutive beach days and there’s nothing more annoying than putting on a still damp swimsuit. 
  8. A beach bag or small backpack is handy for beach days or when you’re out and about to throw your stuff in. 
  9. The underwater world is beautiful, so you will most probably be snorkelling. You can bring your own if you have the space. But if you’re doing a tour, you can rent or borrow one if you’re not to queasy about it. It will save space in your luggage.

Whatever you do, don’t overpack. You won’t need much clothes because of the warm weather and they are usually lightweight. Plus, you can always wear them more than once during the trip. We hope these tips make your packing for Curaçao a piece-of-cake!

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